Channel intermediaries marketing company inc scam

In the rapidly evolving global marketplace, there are more opportunities to connect products with consumers. In fact, the number of methods can be overwhelming. Choosing the most appropriate connection methods is the foundation of marketing channel management.

channel intermediaries marketing company inc scam

While each company has different products and possible methods of distribution, there are many ways to optimize the delivery of products to customers. Companies, however, must first understand the marketing channels they use. In this type of distribution, the company or seller directly provides the product to the buyer. This marketing channel is often the most appropriate for companies that sell services. For example, a hairdresser or an electrical contractor will use direct channel marketing.

The service is provided straight to the customer with no middleman. In this simpler type of marketing, the company has authority over the whole channel from origin to customer. However, this is not the most common type of marketing distribution channel.

In short form, direct channel marketing is a clear line from company to customer. More commonly, products are sold through a number of intermediaries. The channel for a beverage manufacturer provides a great example. The manufacturer does not often sell directly to the customer. Instead, the manufacturer provides the product to a distributor. The distributor then delivers this to a supermarket. Finally, the supermarket sells the beverage to the end customer.

The original manufacturing company is only indirectly associated with the buying process. Indirect channel marketing can be complicated with multiple intermediaries. Indirect channel marketing strategy can be more difficult to determine than direct marketing because every intermediary receives a portion of the profit for their services. Managing indirect marketing channels can prove to be a challenge for many companies because small changes to the product affect every part of the distribution channel.

Adjusting product channels and pricing can have unexpected impact on an indirect marketing distribution channel. An example in Mission in a Bottle offers a glimpse into the impact of a simple price increase. If Honest Tea raised the price by 1 cent, it could actually lower the total profits of the company.The author presents four strategies to help businesses reduce their dependence on powerful platforms. As a result, AA negotiated a better deal. Public complaints that eBay was giving search prominence to suppliers who advertised on the site forced a reversal of the policy.

When MovieTickets was on the verge of dominating phone and online ticketing, Regal Entertainment and two other large theater chains formed Fandango. People ordering takeout through online platforms like Foodler and GrubHub have often already chosen their restaurant. Restaurants that deal directly can exit the platform. In our increasingly digital world, businesses and consumers have become starkly more dependent on a number of powerful platforms.

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For three decades, airlines have been relying on computerized reservation systems to reach travel agents and key customers. But platform dependence is now ubiquitous.

In many ways, this is a good thing. Intermediaries often provide valuable benefits: They make it easier for buyers to find what they need, they help set standards, and they enable comparison shopping—efficiency improvements that keep markets working smoothly. But they can also capture a disproportionate share of the value a company creates. The economics in other industries are similar.

Airline reservation systems appear free to most consumers, because the prices at airline websites and at online travel agencies are usually identical.

A typical U. Online marketplace platform fees are about 10 times credit card fees which retailers routinely gripe about. Of course, sellers benefit from streamlined services; for example, Uber and Lyft find and dispatch drivers.

Still, platform fees are the largest single expense to most sellers. Most companies feel that they have no choice but to put up with intermediaries and their rules and fees. They are mistaken. Platform owners are far from invincible, and savvy suppliers have options for recapturing value or at least protecting themselves from abuse. In the following pages I present four strategies to help businesses reduce their dependence on power ful platforms. But not all threats of exclusion are credible.

Consider the launch of the travel search engine Kayak, in But American Airlines realized that Kayak had its own vulnerability. It had promised to show users comprehensive results, and in many markets American was a dominant force, offering the most flights on key routes such as New York to Los Angeles and New York to London.

To be credible to users in those cities, Kayak had to include American flights—indeed, Kayak needed American even more than American needed Kayak—so American was able to negotiate superior terms. A direct link to AA. Furthermore, Kayak had to give AA flights fair prominence by objective criteria.

It was a great agreement for the airline. Most other airlines agreed to pay Kayak for the users it refers and never considered requiring it to link directly to their own sites. Real estate provides another good example of platform vulnerability. In most cities, agents have low market concentration: Sole proprietors remain viable, and midsize brokerages are widespread.

One might expect a few powerful online platforms to extract high fees from real estate professionals. But platforms need to list all properties on the market; a real estate portal with incomplete listings is much less valuable to house hunters. As a result, real estate websites have found that they must provide agents with significant value to induce them to join. For example, Zillow not only offers property listings without charge but also prominently names the agent marketing the property.While the retail channel is most familiar to students, wholesalers play an important role as intermediaries.

For example, McLane Company Inc. The breadth of its operations is described on the company Web site:. The company buys, sells, and delivers more than 50, different consumer products to nearly 90, locations across the U. In addition, McLane provides alcoholic beverage distribution through its wholly owned subsidiary, Empire Distributors, Inc.

McLane is a wholly owned unit of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Wholesalers purchase very large quantities of goods directly from producers or from other wholesalers. By purchasing large quantities or volumes, wholesalers are able to secure significantly lower prices.

How to prepare Strategy for Marketing Distribution Channel Management

If he sells all of the potatoes to a single wholesaler, he will negotiate one price and make one sale. The same is true for almost all mass-produced goods.

When a producer creates a large quantity of goods, it is most efficient to sell all of them to one wholesaler, rather than negotiating prices and making sales with many retailers or an even larger number of consumers.

This is a complex and expensive process. McLane Company operates eighty distribution centers around the country. Its distribution center in Northfield, Missouri, issquare feet big and is outfitted with a state-of-the art inventory tracking system that allows it to manage the diverse products that move through the center.

Wholesalers buy a very large quantity of goods and then break that quantity down into smaller lots.

The process of breaking large quantities into smaller lots that will be resold is called bulk breaking. Often this includes physically sorting, grading, and assembling the goods. Wholesalers either take title to the goods they purchase, or they own the goods they purchase. There are two primary consequences of this, both of which are both very important to the distribution channel.

Second, wholesalers also bear the risk for the products until they are delivered. If goods are damaged in transport and cannot be sold, then the wholesaler is left with the goods and the cost. If there is a significant change in the value of the products between the time of the purchase from the producer and the sale to the retailer, the wholesaler will absorb that profit or loss.

The wholesaler may advertise its products that are carried by many retailers. Wholesalers also influence which products the retailer offers.

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For example, McLane Company was a winner of the Convenience Store News Category Captains, in recognition for its innovations in providing the right products to its customers.

McLane created unique packaging and products featuring movie themes, college football themes, and other special occasion branding that were designed to appeal to impulse buyers. They also shifted the transportation and delivery strategy to get the right products in front of consumers at the time they were most likely to buy.

Its convenience store customers are seeing sales growth, as is the wholesaler. As distribution channels have evolved, some retailers, such as Walmart and Target, have grown so large that they have taken over aspects of the wholesale function.Intermediaries make it possible for a company to deliver its products to the end user without needing to own the whole supply chain. Without intermediaries, it would be close to impossible for the business to function at all. This is because intermediares are external groups, individuals, or businesses that make it possible for the company to deliver their products to the end user.

For example, merchants are intermediaries that buy and resell products. There are four generally recognized broad groups of intermediaries: agents, wholesalers, distributors, and retailers. Agents or brokers are individuals or companies that act as an extension of the manufacturing company. Their main job is to represent the producer to the final user in selling a product. Thus, while they do not own the product directly, they take possession of the product in the distribution process.

They make their profits through fees or commissions. Unlike agents, wholesalers take title to the goods and services that they are intermediaries for. They are independently owned, and they own the products that they sell. Wholesalers do not work with small numbers of product: they buy in bulk, and store the products in their own warehouses and storage places until it is time to resell them.

Wholesalers rarely sell to the final user; rather, they sell the products to other intermediaries such as retailers, for a higher price than they paid. Thus, they do not operate on a commission system, as agents do. Intermediaries : Retailers sell products to end users. Distributors function similarly to wholesalers in that they take ownership of the product, store it, and sell it off at a profit to retailers or other intermediaries. However, the key difference is that distributors ally themselves to complementary products.

For example, distributors of Coca Cola will not distribute Pepsi products, and vice versa. In this way, they can maintain a closer relationship with their suppliers than wholesalers do.

Retailers come in a variety of shapes and sizes: from the corner grocery store, to large chains like Wal-Mart and Target. Whatever their size, retailers purchase products from market intermediaries and sell them directly to the end user for a profit. A firm can have any number of intermediaries in its channels. Streamlining distribution involves the planning and efficient use of supply chain resources and may involve working with intermediaries.

Distribution Center : Streamlining decisions go beyond the distribution center itself. It involves all of the elements in the logistics and distribution process.

channel intermediaries marketing company inc scam

Streamlining distribution involves the efficient use of all technologies included in the work of logistics and distribution centers. It should be mentioned that the scope of the planning of logistics and distribution processes is not limited only to the planning of production, transportation, or distribution.

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It covers the entire logistics and distribution process with all the elements. No doubt the work of logistics and distribution centers greatly influences the entire logistic chain supply chainand therefore its optimal functioning is of great significance.

In order to optimize the work of the logistics and distribution centers, one should define the criteria according to which the optimization shall be carried out:.

This element optimizes the use of the necessary means in the current logistic network that includes suppliers, production locations, locations of distribution means, and end users. Analyses and simulations allow testing of various combinations, i. These methods are usually used for decision-making on whether larger quantities of stocks will be kept at one place or whether the transport costs of more frequent deliveries will be increased.

Demand forecast and planning with empirical knowledge forecasts based on the demand within the previous period use statistical data and mathematical functions. Sales planning can be defined as a process in which demand forecast is converted into a feasible operative plan that can be used by producers and salespersons. Stock planning allows the optimal level and location of finished products that meet the demand and the level of service of the end users.Many producers do not sell products or services directly to consumers and instead use marketing intermediaries to execute an assortment of necessary functions to get the product to the final user.

These intermediaries, such as middlemen wholesalers, retailers, agents, and brokersdistributors, or financial intermediaries, typically enter into longer-term commitments with the producer and make up what is known as the marketing channel, or the channel of distribution.

Manufacturers use raw materials to produce finished products, which in turn may be sent directly to the retailer, or, less often, to the consumer. However, as a general rule, finished goods flow from the manufacturer to one or more wholesalers before they reach the retailer and, finally, the consumer.

Each party in the distribution channel usually acquires legal possession of goods during their physical transfer, but this is not always the case.

For instance, in consignment selling, the producer retains full legal ownership even though the goods may be in the hands of the wholesaler or retailer—that is, until the merchandise reaches the final user or consumer.

Channels of distribution tend to be more direct—that is, shorter and simpler—in the less industrialized nations. There are notable exceptions, however. For instance, the Ghana Cocoa Board collects cacao beans in Ghana and licenses trading firms to process the commodity. Similar marketing processes are used in other West African nations.

Because of the vast number of small-scale producers, these agents operate through middlemen who, in turn, enlist sub-buyers to find runners to transport the products from remote areas. It was possible for a product to pass through a minimum of five separate wholesalers before it reached a retailer.

Mastering the Intermediaries

Businesses may sell products directly to the final customer, as is the case with most industrial capital goods. Or they may use one or more intermediaries to move their goods to the final user.

The design and structure of consumer marketing channels and industrial marketing channels can be quite similar or vary widely. The channel design is based on the level of service desired by the target consumer. The service variables are quantity or lot size the number of units a customer purchases on any given purchase occasionwaiting time the amount of time customers are willing to wait for receipt of goodsproximity or spatial convenience accessibility of the productproduct variety the breadth of assortment of the product offeringand service backup add-on services such as delivery or installation provided by the channel.

It is essential for the designer of the marketing channel—typically the manufacturer—to recognize the level of each service point that the target customer desires. A single manufacturer may service several target customer groups through separate channels, and therefore each set of service outputs for these groups could vary. One group of target customers may want elevated levels of service that is, fast delivery, high product availability, large product assortment, and installation.

Their demand for such increased service translates into higher costs for the channel and higher prices for customers. In order to deliver the optimal level of service outputs to their target consumers, manufacturers are willing to allocate some of their tasks, or marketing flows, to intermediaries. As any marketing channel moves goods from producers to consumers, the marketing intermediaries perform, or participate in, a number of marketing flows, or activities.Know your children's friends, both online and off.

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channel intermediaries marketing company inc scam

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