Speech recognition software for mac reviews pro

Why spend hours typing when you can dictate texts in less than half the time? Excessive typing is one of the most common reasons for repetitive strain injury on hands and the more we type on both keyboards and mobile phones, the bigger the problem is getting. Other keyboard related injuries on the rise include Tendonitis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Quadriplegia. If your career or work depends on your ability to type, this is a compelling reason enough to start enjoying the benefits of dictation.

Unfortunately even inthe market for desktop dictation software for Mac is extremely small.

10 Best Voice Recognition Software (Speech Recognition in 2020)

For years the leading solution has been Dragon Dictate Professional for Mac but the developer Nuance dropped a bombshell in October that it was discontinuing the product. Dragon Dictate Professional still delivers by far the best voice recognition in the industry. The main reason is the Windows version has always been better than the Mac version anyway with more features.

There are also a few web-based voice recognition software that Mac users can use but they require a permanent internet connection in order to work. We have therefore also covered the best online voice-to-text recognition apps that Mac users can use in this article too. Here then is our selection of the best voice recognition software for Mac of in order of ranking. The reason Dragon Professional Individual is our number one pick is the amazing accuracy and sophistication it offers compared to any other solution.

The difference between Dragon Professional and most voice recognition software is that it can actually learn to recognize your voice. As it becomes more familiar with your accent and speaking style, it interprets your voice remarkably accurately. It also has Smart Format Rules which understand how you want phone numbers, dates, abbreviations and other data to appear. Another nice touch is that you can import audio clips from a device such as your iPhone and Dragon Professional will transcribe it into text.

This is especially useful for journalists who have to record and transcribe long interviews. The downside is that, as mentioned earlier, Dragon decided in late to discontinue the Mac version. There are various ways to run Windows in macOS but the easiest and most reliable by far is by using Parallels. Parallels allows you to run macOS and Windows at the same time so that you can switch between the two with ease.

You then simply install the Windows version of Dragon Professional within your Windows environment and you can use it anytime on your Mac.

Best Dictation Software For Mac of 2020 (Paid & Free)

This is actually a better solution than using the Mac version anyway because the Windows version gives you slightly more control when tweaking and refining texts compared to on Mac. Note that you can choose between installing the Home Edition and Professional Edition but we strongly recommend going with Dragon Professional Editionnot least because it allows you to dictate in Microsoft Office and other apps.

Be aware though that this requires MB of disk space to download some additional tools before it can work on your Mac. You then simply configure a language and hotkey to start dictation or you can even activate it with a keyword. You can use this to start dictation in any application. Dictation works with any app including Office applications although not Google Docs which has its own voice recognition feature — see below.

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What we like is that the voice controlled formatting commands are quite extensive and you can even create your own customized commands. Not many people are aware that Google Docs has a surprisingly powerful free voice recognition engine which not only transcribes speech to text but also allows you to change the formatting of documents with voice commands. Google Docs Voice Typing is pretty accurate for a free online text-to-speech tool.

speech recognition software for mac reviews pro

Arguably the most impressive thing though is the an extensive list of commands for formatting text. Note however that formatting commands are only available in English but the voice engine recognizes 43 languages. Speechnotes is a cheap and cheerful online speech-to-text service which works in Google Chrome and on Android devices. One other option which may be of interest to Mac users is Rev. Rev is only available as an iPhone or Android app though.

Another option is Braina. Braina is both a Siri style personal assistant and dictation app although it only works on Windows, iOS and Android. However, if you install Windows on your Mac, you could run the Windows version on it. However, it only works for US English and you need to be online although there is still a way to dictate offline in macOS Catalina.This software analyzes the sound and tries to convert it into text.

Voice recognition or dictation software can capture the word you say and type it on a computer. It can be helpful to the people who are physically disabled and for those who cannot work on the computer. While using this software one should talk clearly. Each and every person has a different voice, hence the speech recognition system should ask for enrollment of the voice before it gets used.

Using this software, one can write the whole document. But for accuracy, careful dictation is required. The software also supports editing of the document. After completion, the proofreading of the document is very important. Factors which should be considered for selecting the software include accuracy, comprehension, ease of use, setup, supported languages, and price of the software.

A list of the most popular Voice or Speech Dictation Software used by the users worldwide with complete details is provided below.

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Dragon Home can be used by anyone i. Dragon Professional Individual is useful for professional individuals and small businesses. Dragon Anywhere Pricing : A free trial is available for 7 days. Dragon Anywhere is the dictation software by Nuance for iOS devices. It is a cloud-based solution.

It is for dictation and editing of documents of any length. It provides you a cloud-based speech recognition tool. This means that you will be able to access the versions of the documents even from the mobile. This application will allow you to save your text to Evernote.

Document formats like. This feature is available for Android and iOS devices. Though it is available for iOS devices, it works best on Android devices. Website: Google Now. Price: Speech recognition and video speech recognition is free for minutes.

These prices are for the API to be used on the personal systems. It can be used for the processing of real-time streaming and pre-recorded audio. It automatically transcribes the correct nouns, dates, and phone numbers. Google Docs Voice Typing is integrated with Google Suite and hence it is the perfect tool if you want the dictation and voice recognition to be paired with Google suite.

It is indeed a very cost-effective solution. Website: Google Docs Voice Typing. Siri is the virtual assistant for Apple devices.

It will be pre-installed on Apple devices.Advanced medical dictation software is built for physicians and practitioners. Works on all EHR platforms and mobile. Simon Says is a software organization based in the United States that offers a piece of software called Simon Says. Simon Says offers online, and business hours support.

Simon Says features training via documentation, and live online. Simon Says is speech recognition software. Simon Says offers a free version. Founded inMaestra is a software organization based in the United States that offers a piece of software called Maestra.

Maestra is speech recognition software, and includes features such as audio capture, automatic form fill, automatic transcription, call analysis, continuous speech, Multi-Languages, specialty vocabularies, variable frequency, and voice recognition. Maestra offers online support.

speech recognition software for mac reviews pro

Maestra offers a free version, and free trial. Castel Communications is a United States software company that was founded inand offers a software title called Castel Detect. Castel Detect offers training via documentation, webinars, live online, and in person sessions.

Phonexia is a software organization based in Czech Republic that offers a piece of software called Phonexia Speech Platform.

Phonexia Speech Platform offers online, and business hours support. Phonexia Speech Platform features training via documentation, live online, and in person sessions. Phonexia Speech Platform is speech recognition software, and includes features such as automatic transcription, Multi-Languages, Speech-to-Text analysis, and voice recognition.

Phonexia Speech Platform offers a free trial. Chetu is a software company based in the United States that was founded in and offers a software product called Speech Recognition. Speech Recognition is speech recognition software, and includes features such as automatic form fill, call analysis, concatenated speech, continuous speech, customizable macros, specialty vocabularies, variable frequency, Speech-to-Text analysis, automatic transcription, Multi-Languages, voice recognition, and audio capture.

Houndify is a software company based in the United States and offers a software product called Houndify. Houndify is speech recognition software, and includes features such as specialty vocabularies, Speech-to-Text analysis, automatic transcription, Multi-Languages, voice recognition, and audio capture.

Houndify is available as Mac, and Windows software. You seem to have CSS turned off. Please don't fill out this field. Please provide the ad click URL, if possible:.

Oh no! Some styles failed to load. Help Join Login. Application Development. Operations Management. IT Management. Project Management. Resources Blog Articles Deals. Menu Help Create Join Login. Open Source Commercial. Clear All Filters.Typing is perhaps one of the most commonly-performed tasks on computers and to some extent, even smartphones. From bloggers to novelists, everyone routinely spends a lot of time typing away on keyboards.

And as necessary as it is, typing for long stretches of time can and does get quite tedious. But it doesn't have to be like that. There are quite a few dictation software available out there, and they ease up things a lot. These programs use speech recognition technology to convert spoken words to text. And they're not only convenient but also speed up the rate at which text is entered. Read all about them to know which one suits your needs the most.

When it comes to speech recognition software products, Dragon is a name that needs no introduction. As it stands, the NaturallySpeaking Premium 13 is arguably the best dictation software out there. You can use it to dictate, edit and format letters, articles, papers, reports, etc. Just speak naturally, and the software translates your words to text. It continuously learns how you speak, adapting to your preferences as it does so. It's also possible to format documents with NaturallySpeaking Premium You can simply select the text and speak what kind of formatting e.

The program's 'Smart Format' rules automatically adapt to how you want things like numbers and abbreviations to appear. You can easily switch between voice input and typing to make fine-tuned adjustments.

It's even possible to have voice notes recorded on a digital voice recorder transcribed by the software. Just because you don't use a Windows-based PC doesn't mean you can't take advantage of Dragon's speech recognition programs.

The software is powered by an all-new, next-generation speech engine. It utilizes 'Deep Learning' technology for a more accurate dictation and transcription. Dragon Professional Individual for Mac 6. You can use your voice to dictate and edit reports, send e-mails and notes, and even fill out forms.

The program optimizes accuracy for speakers with accents and supports latest programs like Microsoft Word and Apple Pages. The batch mode lets you transcribe multiple files at a time.

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The program's customization features allow you to personalize it to your business's needs. You can use specific industry terms, quickly insert frequently-used text fragments and create custom voice commands to act as shortcuts for repetitive tasks. A computer that can convert your speech to text is great, but what if it could do a lot more, such as playing your favorite music and doing mathematical calculations? That'd be pretty cool, right? Well, that's exactly what Braina is.

Braina lets you transcribe spoken words to text, but that's just one of its many capabilities. It's a multi-functional AI-based artificial intelligence software that provides you with a single-window environment to control your computer. It's basically similar to virtual assistants like Siri, but with a lot more features.

Speaking of dictation features, Braina lets you convert your voice to text in any website and software e. Microsoft Word, Notepad. It supports over languages English, Spanish, French, Italian, etc.

It can accurately convert most of the accents and be used by multiple users without the need of separate profiles. The program can be further customized to recognize custom words and create canned responses. Interestingly, Braina can recognize unusual vocabulary and understand most medical, legal and scientific terms.And, that technical support for the product would be discontinued in 90 days US and days most other countries.

As odious as I find this option, it is the only one that compares to the late Dragon Professional For Mac feature-wise. This lets you dictate on your Mac in any document or field that can accept text input.

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While some of them translated voice to text well enough, they all charge by the word or page and require minutes or hours to complete translation. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Any thoughts as to why the voice transcription on iPhone is so much better than the Dictation on Mac? I find that if I pause midsentence on my Mac while using dictation, it capitalizes the first word I speak after the pause.

Let’s Talk About Speech (Recognition) on the Mac

Any thoughts? PS: I searched again today and found dictanote. Worth trying. In French it was OK but not so good. I find the Mac option more or less useless and Siri on phones is just a little better but not as good as Dragon but free. I use Nebo on my iPad which lets you mix handwritten notes and dictated notes and you can even copy and paste stuff in it and sketch things.

I find myself dictating more and more. Mostly on iOS devices, as I have a perfectly good keyboard on my Mac. The words it gets wrong are subtle pronunciation differences that I completely understand. It seems to even have a grasp of things like which there to use, and other grammatical differences.

I had Dragon 6. Whilst Dragon for Mac is no longer supported and it is stated in various places as not compatible with Catalina, I find it is still working fine for me. I suggest there is not yet a need to find a replacement.

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speech recognition software for mac reviews pro

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Speech Recognition Software for Mac

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speech recognition software for mac reviews pro

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